Care & Maintenance


Little maintenance is required with granite countertops. When the install is complete the final step is to clean and seal the countertops. We do this standard with every single natural stone slab install.

Some granite’s are more porous than others, and if you happen to select one of the more porous stones we start the sealing process during the fabrication in our facility to insure plenty of coats by the time it gets to your home, because once a stone is properly sealed the need for maintenance sealing becomes much less.

You can seal your counters as a yearly maintenance program as you cannot over seal your granite counters, but this may not be necessary.

How to know if your counter needs to be sealed? Water will bead up on your countertop normally, but if you notice your countertop darkening under puddled water then it’s time to seal.

Sealing is very easy. See our video on how to seal your countertops! Or you can have us out for a small fee to seal your countertops for you.



Marble care is basically the same as granite except marble will etch. Etching is a natural process that occurs when acidic products hit the high concentration of calcium of marble/limestone/travertine creating a reaction called etching.



No maintenance other than cleaning which is at your discretion.


Countertop Selection Process

Selecting material is one of the most important parts of the process. Here is where you choose the countertop that will be cut, fabricated, and installed for you to enjoy for life.

Here you will take in consideration your cabinet , floor and wall colors being used to help with selection of your countertop so come prepared with a cabinet door,or paint swatch etc ,unless of course you are selecting your countertop first and then designing the others around that.

We also suggest you bring a camera so you can get some pictures of your ideas, due to hard samples are sometimes not available to take home.

Full slab display will usually be done at one of our partner distributors warehouse. We partner with only the best distributors in the area that have the same demand for high quality material as we do. Not all granite’s are created equally, but we will be here to guide you towards the most high quality product to start with.

See our list of preferred distributors.

We have a large selection of remnants and leftover material at our facility from other projects at a discounted rate for smaller jobs including small kitchens, bar tops, vanities etc.


Measuring Process

This is the part where all the finer details are discussed, such as overhangs, radius corners, what to expect during the install and fitting of your new countertops.

We use digital laser templating to insure proper fitting and also to stream line the process and complete yur measure in a timely fashion. Most kitchen measures take on average about 1.5 hours to complete.

We can also measure most jobs without taking out your old countertops , leaving them until the day of the actual granite install, thus minimizing your time without functional kitchen sink and counters.

If you are replacing your current cabinets or building a new home with new cabinets this will speed up the time of measure even more.

Requirements for a measure are simple. First have all the details such as sink, faucet, granite or quartz selected and all selections complete. If you are just changing out your countertops then the only thing to do the day of measure is to clean all the items on your countertops. If you are using new cabinetry or adding new cabinetry to your existing cabinets then please have all of your cabinets in place and fully 100% set and ready. This includes all cabinet bases, end panels, etc.

Appliances typically are not needed to be in place during measure or install, but we would need the stove/range/cooktops specs for proper fitting.


Customer Responsibilities

This section covers some things that may happen during the install that we do not cover.

During the install process it’s very common to bump or scrape a wall carrying or putting in place your new countertop. These are typically very small and will require drywall and paint touch up not covered by us. We also do not cover any tile on the existing backsplash that may loosen during removal of old countertops.

We are not responsible for your cabinets being level/flat. We have max tolerances of which we follow. Typically but not always we can let you know up front if your cabinets may need some leveling to prepare for granite, marble or quartz.   If you have a new cabinetry install that would be the cabinet installers responsibility. If your just swapping out your old tops for new ones then we would suggest you get a carpenter to level out your existing cabinetry prior to the granite install.

We do not do final plumbing connections such as sink drains, faucets etc. we would recommend you get a professional certified, insured plumber.

If your reusing existing sinks, faucets, soap dispenser, disposal etc, sometimes they could get bumped or scraped , or a part may break due to a number of things, such as the life of the parts, or tight seized fittings. We do not cover these used parts during our removal process. We would suggest you use this time to get new supplies and installed by a licensed plumber.


Fabrication Process

This section is currently under construction


Installation Process

This section is currently under construction.